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Obiter dictum

"No doubt a gentleman who knows he is liable does not plead the Limitation Ordinance any more than the Gaming Act, but if he does so, it must be applied according to its terms."

Lord Hoffmann in Peconic Industrial Development Ltd v Lau Kwok Fai & Ors (2009)

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Did you know?

In the BCCI v Bank of England trial the 'opening speeches' by Mr Gordon Pollock QC (for the Claimants) lasted for 86 days and by Mr Nicholas Stadlen QC (for the defendant) 119 days.


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Investment & Finance

"That bill is essentially a document that is written by people who do not believe in markets, do not believe in capitalism, and hate profit, and basically see... government as being the correct arbiter of almost anything that has to do with markets."

Republican Sen. Judd Gregg on the financial reform package ( at the Reuters Global Financial Regulation Summit, 27 April 2010)

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Political Quotations

"Abbiamo un pensionato e un paracarro a giocarsi il titolo"

Flavio Briatore described rival F1 team drivers (reported in La Gazetta della Sport, April 2009)

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Barely Legal

Diligent Japanese Yakuza organised “legal loopholes study groups” (法の抜け穴勉強会) in response to new anti-gang law! (9 September 2009).

Love hotels operating religious legal entity accused of tax dodging (9 June 2009).


Leading Cases

  • 29 October 2009 A Short Court of Final Appeal Judgment

    The decision (Goldlion Property v Regent National Express Limited) of Bokhary PJ in chambers is short and can be set out in full: "In whatever way I decide this motion as a single permanent judge, there will be something left for me to decide as one of a five-judge panel of the Court. That being so, I will say as little as possible to avoid the risk of pre-judging or prejudicing anything that remains to be decided by the five-judge panel. So I confine myself to saying that I thank counsel for their submissions and that I am of the view that the Registrar has made a proper direction which I do not propose to disturb. Accordingly I dismiss the motion. What about the costs of this motion? Costs not being resisted, the motion is dismissed with costs.".

  • 16 October 2009 Libel on the Internet

    Yam J refuses to injunct internet discussion forum in an important case for internet service providers.

  • 18 September 2009 Sun Legend Investment Limited v Ho Yuk Wah David

    Prominent property developer New World disputes arrangement over "super profit" fee under "fee offsetting arrangement"

  • 7 May 2009 Wing Hang Bank Limited v Kwok Lai Sims

    Court of appeal set aside bank's legal charge and criticised solicitor for discharging Etridge duties to mortgagors in "perfunctory way" and "paying lip service" to Law Society Guidelines.


Case Summary

17 July 2009 - HKSAR v Cheung Kwun Yin (張冠賢)
A deception practised on a person other than a bank (HSBC) can the subject of an offence under Section 18D(1) of the Theft Ordinance
13 July 2009 - Tadjudin Sunny v Bank of America, NA
Court dismissed employee's appeal in performance bonus claim.
13 July 2009 - UBS v Leipig
Court dismissed employee's appeal in performance bonus claim.
13 July 2009 - Jurisdiction
Court dismissed employee's appeal in performance bonus claim.
13 July 2009 - Trilingual
Court dismissed employee's appeal in performance bonus claim.
13 July 2009 - Contact Us
Court dismissed employee's appeal in performance bonus claim.

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